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    Applied Radiophysics

    Design of passive resonators that increase signal-noise-rate and MRI systems resolving power Design of MRI scanning body-attached elements for new tomographic scanners Composite surfaces and structures for effective RF magnetic field distribution control systems Design of passive devices for MR-spectroscopy signal enhancement

    Metasurfaces for decoupling of closely-spaced elements of multi-channel coils for ultra-highfield MRI

    Decoupling  of closely-spaced elements of multi-channel coils will increase the image resolution for the same number of channels, and also will reduce SAR, as it will make lager the distance between the coils and the object to be scanned preserving the same useful signal level

    Genomics and Bioinformatics

    Genome-wide sequencing of microorganisms and short-read sequence alignment

    Last publications Publications

    2015 year
    • Rotar O.P., Moguchaia E., Boyarinova M.A., Kolesova E.P., Khromova N., Freylikhman O., Smolina N.A., Solntsev V.N., Kostareva A.A., Konradi A.O., Shlyakhto E.V.

      Seventy years after the siege of Leningrad: Does early life famine still affect cardiovascular risk and aging? // Journal of Hypertension - 2015, Vol. 33, No. 9, pp. 1772-1779

    • Knyazkov K.V., Derevitsky I., Mednikov L., Yakovlev A.N.

      Evaluation of Dynamic Ambulance Routing for the Transportation of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Saint-Petersburg // Procedia Computer Science - 2015, Vol. 66, pp. 419-428

    • Kornyushin O.V., Galagudza M.M., Neimark А.Е., Babenko А.Yu., Grineva E.N. Ileal transposition in surgical treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus // Diabetes Mellitus - 2015. - Vol. 18. № 1. - P. 5864

    • Dukhanov A.V., Trofimenko T.B., Karpova M.S., Bezborodov L.A., Bezgodov A.A., Bilyatdinova A.Z., Lutsenko A.E.

      Approach to Automation of Cloud Learning Resources’ Design for Courses in Computational Science Based on eScience Resources with the Use of the CLAVIRE Platform // Procedia Computer Science - 2015, Vol. 51, pp. 1957–1966

    2014 year
    • Bochenina K.O., Boukhanovskaya I.L., Bilyatdinova A.Z., Dukhanov A.V., Lutsenko A.E.

      Using a cyclic model of knowledge transfer for the development of transdisciplinary learning environments // Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE - 2014, pp. 7044290

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